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Magnificent Madagascar

Lonely Planet wrote that Madagascar‘s going to be a popular destination in 2013. This we wrote about back in 2012. Just look at this wonderful place. Here you will find everything, ok maybe not luxury but a nature experience out of this world.

After years of political instability and uncertainty, which has hampered tourism development, Madagascar might finally be the verge of recovery. Presidential elections are scheduled for 2013, which could herald a move towards greater democracy.

For visitors, the time to go is now, before the country reappears in travel agents’ windows. Be prepared to be overwhelmed: in both fauna and landscapes, the world’s fourth-biggest island is otherworldly. To those seeking a place out of the ordinary, Madagascar cannot fail to delight.

Save Money On Your Next Holiday

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Visiting Australia

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The MGM Grand Hotel In Las Vegas Is Amazing

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Fabulous Shangri-La Hotel In Tokyo

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Visit The Empire State Building in New York

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The Ladera in St. Lucia, Caribbean

This intimate resort, Ladera is comprised of just 25 suites and villas. The lodge-like buildings are constructed of Caribbean timbers, and the guestrooms are built to resemble luxury treehouses. The surprise is that unlike conventional hotel rooms they are missing the fourth wall – all the better for making the breathtaking scenery an integral partContinue Reading

Charming Norwegian-Owned Hotel in Cambodia

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Tm Travel In Liverpool

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Sensational Shopping In Kuala Lumpur

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