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10 Great Ways to Save Money While Travelling

1. Save on flight expenses

Booking online especially on an aggregation site instead of the airline website will be cheaper than doing it through an agent. Also, no matter what anyone says, don’t wait for last-minute bargains; book at least 30 days in advance. Another money-saver tip is to book late morning or afternoon flights instead of the early morning or late night ones.

2. Save on accommodations

When it comes to accommodation, reverse the rule for flight booking. Instead of going online, get in touch with the hotel directly.  Send them a email and you will invariably land better discounts

3. Save on traveling off season

Traveling to a popular destination during off-peak months is a smart decision that will result in the highest cost reduction. Not only will you get cheaper flights and hotel stays, but can also cut down on sightseeing expenses and shopping cost. So avoid this peak period to cut your costs.

4. Save on food while travelling

Food can eat into your spend in a big way. Cut it by opting for local eateries instead of the hotel fare. You can also stock up on water from supermarkets, and simple, readymade items from local bakeries to make your own meals in the hotel.

5. Save on sightseeing

If you’ve planned your own itinerary, go online and check for coupons and discounts to tourist hotspots. You can also pick up multiple passes, which combine several popular attractions and are cheaper. You can even check with the hotel concierge if there are any ‘free’ visiting days.

6. Save on travel expense

Another simple trick to crunch your travel bill is to use the local transport like metros and buses, instead of taxis, which can be very expensive. You can also opt for a centrally located hotel, which is close to popular tourist sites. Another option is to hire bikes or cycles to cut down on your travel expense.

7. Save on shopping

Don`t buy too many souvenirs, especially from touristy spots because they will cost the earth. Pick them up from local markets instead. In fact, you should carry out most of your shopping from the markets that are not on the tourist circuit. Also make sure you don’t buy too much stuff otherwise you’ll end up paying ex baggage fee at the airport.

8. Save on phone calls

If you are vacationing abroad, a good way to talk on the move is to buy an international SIM card, which lets you chat across countries, or the local SIM in the country you are visiting. Activating the roaming facility in your mobile phone will be the most costly option, so avoid it.

9. Save while traveling with children

If you are traveling with kids, you can easily reduce your expenses by carrying diapers, toys and baby food, which can be costly in a foreign country. Also, opt for hotels which allow free accommodation for kids, and tourist attractions that have no or low charges for children.

10. Save on carrying the basics

Remember to pack basic stuff like ready-to-eat meals, salt, sugar, milk powder, etc. The other essential things would be soap, detergent and medicines, because all of these are likely to be expensive outside and will also save you unnecessary trips to the market in a new place.

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